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STEM Moments Content Submission

Submit your content below for the STEM Moments video. Before submitting, please refer to the guidelines outlined on the STEM Moments webpage. If you have any questions, contact ExperienceORISE@orau.org.
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
ORISE Program
Host Facility/Agency
Appointment Location
Please note if your appointment is or was virtual.
Upload up to five submissions here.
Please refer to the STEM Moments webpage for guidelines on submissions.
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Submission 2
Submission 3
Submission 4
Submission 5
If you are unable to upload a video or photo due to file size, in the space below please share a link to the content in Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube or Vimeo so it can be retrieved.
Please give a brief description of your photo/video submission(s), including names of anyone shown. What are your STEM Moments?
In your submission(s), is there anyone featured aside from yourself?
I certify that I am 18 years or older.
I certify that I have been granted permission by my mentor or host agency/facility to submit the contents within my video/photo if a lab or any site associated with the agency/facility is shown.
I certify that I have been granted permission to submit the contents within my video/photo if the video/photo contains images inside or of a non-public place (e.g. private home or small group setting).

I certify that I have or will complete the ORAU media release form.

I understand that if my submission meets the eligibility requirements, I will be entered into a random drawing for 10 $50 Amazon gift e-cards, and if selected in the drawing, I will accept the prize and agree to have it sent to the email address indicated above.


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