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DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Recruitment Event and Fair - Summer 2022

Thank you for your interest in the DOE Office of Science 2022 Summer Virtual Graduate Student Recruitment Event and Fair.

To be considered for participation, we ask that you complete the following survey. The deadline to apply is July 15 at 5 p.m. ET.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Malicoat at

Contact Information
First Name ✱
Last Name ✱
Email ✱
Institution Details
Institution Name ✱
Institution Location ✱
Population (size of graduate school and surrounding community) ✱
Type of campus setting ✱
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Urban 
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Suburban 
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Rural 
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Other 
Does your institution have an HBCU or MSI designation?
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Yes 
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e No 
What STEM majors does your institution offer for graduate students? ✱
What is the graduation rate for your institution?
What is the highest degree offered in physical sciences at your institution? ✱
Does your institution have a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) requirement? ✱
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Yes 
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e No 
Are GRE scores required for admission to your institution? ✱
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Yes 
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e No 
What are the application/selection deadlines for your institution? ✱
What is the scholarship/fellowship availability at your institution? (% on GTA, % on GRA, % on fellowship/scholarship) ✱
Are there publication opportunities for students at your institution prior to graduation? ✱
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Yes 
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e No 
What are the main characteristics you're looking for when recruiting graduate students for your institution? ✱
What is the typical or historical employment distribution of alumni from your institution? ✱
What are things that distinguish your graduate program from others? ✱
Will 3-5 individuals from your institution, including at least one faculty member from a STEM discipline, be available to attend the event? ✱
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e Yes 
4842037a1fa0400e821ce24d98f51e5e No