2022 ARM/ASR PI Meeting

Breakout Session Form

Sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy,
Office of Biological and Environmental Research

October 24 - 27, 2022

Breakout sessions are an important part of the ARM/ASR Joint Meeting as they provide participants an opportunity to discuss important topical science and technical issues in more detail.  

The number of breakout sessions during the meeting will be limited.  Priority will be given to proposed breakout sessions that:  cover a topic not addressed during the 2021 Joint Meeting[1], include both ARM and ASR co-conveners, and have a clear plan for active engagement/discussion with attendees.   Meeting organizers may consolidate sessions proposed around similar topics.

Note that breakout session conveners are expected to provide a report on the discussion/outcomes of their breakout session to ARM/ASR program managers for posting on the meeting website within a month after the meeting.

Breakout sessions for the 2022 meeting will be hybrid, with both virtual and in-person attendees able to give presentations and participate in the discussions.


[1] 2021 Joint meeting agenda is available at https://asr.science.energy.gov/meetings/stm/agenda/2021

Lead Convener Contact Information
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Each session may have up to 3 co-conveners in addition to the lead convener. We encourage breakout sessions co-convened by ASR PIs and ARM Staff.
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Session Title
Brief description of the session suitable for posting on the meeting website. Should include goals/details of the proposed session and relevance to ARM/ASR.
Information for potential participants in your breakout session suitable for posting on the meeting website (i.e., make clear whether you plan to invite speakers, whether interested speakers should contact you, etc.)
Plan/organization for the session.