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ORISE Future of Science Awards

Participant Nomination Form 2024

Thank you for nominating an ORISE Participant for an ORISE Future of Science award. This prestigious award celebrates excellence in scientific achievement, professional growth, project contributions, and leadership by ORISE participants.

To be eligible, the nominee must have been actively participating in an ORISE program for at least one day within the period of August 1, 2023, through July 31, 2024. ORISE participants who are minors, high school students, faculty, or established scientists are not eligible for these awards. Please complete this form and submit by the deadline of 4:00 PM Eastern Time, July 26, 2024, for your participant to be considered.

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7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a Less than 1 year 
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a 1-2 years 
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a 3-5 years 
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a More than 5 years 
What is your relationship/association with the ORISE participant you are nominating for an award? *
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a ORISE Program Mentor 
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a ORISE Program Coordinator/Staff 
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a Other 
Please provide the Academic Level for the Nominee (select one):*
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a Undergraduate Student 
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7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a Graduate Student 
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a Post-Master's 
7ae711a7fb994070ba577d421c44010a Postdoctoral 
On a sliding scale from 1-10, with 1 being very low, 5 being average, and 10 being very high, rate the strength of the Participant Nominee in the following areas:
If you have no basis for judgement for a specific area below, please select N/A.
Motivation and persistence toward a productive career
  • 1 
Imagination and originality of thought
  • 1 
Ability to work with others
  • 1 
Independence and self-reliance
  • 1 
Communication skills
  • 1 
Mastery of fundamental scientific knowledge
  • 1 
Ability to design and execute a research project
  • 1 
Productivity and initiative
  • 1 
Please provide one or two distinct and meaningful examples for each of the following areas:*
In your response, please use complete sentences to draft thoughtful, detailed reflections that highlight the excellence of the nominee.

Contributions to Project or Group:

  • For example, describe specific contributions to assigned projects, contributions to group culture, ways in which the participant is important to the project or team.

Demonstrated Personal and Professional Growth:

  • For example, describe new skills acquired, personal or professional goals achieved, demonstration of independence and confidence, growth as a STEM professional (e.g., research activities, STEM policy development or review, technical skills, publications, presentations).

Evidence of Leadership Development:

  • For example, describe how the participant organizes and leads group activities (e.g., journal club), models appropriate lab or safety techniques, provides peer-mentorship to othersvolunteers for tasks, takes initiative.